Been wanting to taste Javita Coffees, Tea & Cocoa? Now you can!

Dear Difference Maker,

I get messages almost every day from people wanting to taste test our newly acquired Javita Coffees, Tea & Cocoa before becoming regular customers and/or members.

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Here are a few answers to the questions I get asked the most:

Q:  Do you have to be a business member to order Javita products?
A:  No you do not need to be a business member to enjoy our four Javita products.

Q:  Do you give out free samples?
A:  No, because what we’ve found is just tasting the product one time doesn’t show you what it can do for you.  I recommend you take our 18 Day Do Better Feel Better Challenge for the FocusFusion Cocoa or 24 Day Do Better Feel Better Challenge for the Energy&Mind, Burn&Control Coffees or Lean&Green Tea to know for sure if you want to start receiving them monthly at a 30% Savings.

Q:  What if I can’t decide which one(s) are going to be a fit for me? I want to try them all!
A:  I’m excited to announce that I have an excellent solution for you!

You can simply order our NEW Christmas Sample Pack (for only $35 plus S&H) without having to become a member first and get your 30% SAVINGS (retail is $45).

see for yourself

For an investment of only $35 (plus S&H) each Sample Pack includes 5 each of FocusFusion Cocoa, Energy&Mind Coffee, Burn&Control Coffee and Lean&Green Tea (20 Packets).

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All you need to do to get your 30% SAVINGS is call me
between the hours of 9 a.m.– 1 p.m. Eastern Time
and I will personally process your order.



Reaching out …
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PS … Got grown kids?  You can order for them too and if you get it done this week it can still make it to them by Christmas!

PPS … if our business hours do not work into your schedule, simply email me at:
Mary @ and give me best day and time to call and I’ll confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions


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